Flourish Beauty Palace - Products - Salem, OR
We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and taste. Our most popular products are shown below.
To our numerous customers out there,we just added Design Essentials to our product line. For your natural kinky curls, Design Essential is what you need!We carry a wide range of products starting from, Cantu, Shea Moisture,
Profective,Dr.Miracle,African Best,Back to basics,Tropical Roots for dreads,Abba, Rusk,ICE ,Paul Mitchell,Nexus,American Crew for Men,but not limited to our famous Tea Tree.We also have hair extensions for braids,cornrows,
weaves, and more! We have
 ponytail add ons to give your natural hair a lift.As the saying goes, "If we don't have it, then you don't need it!"