Flourish Beauty Palace - twists - Salem, OR
We have all kinds of twist styles starting from Nubian twist,kinky twist,senegalese twist,sista twist and many more.
Havana Twist
kinky twistfluffy twistfluffy twistsenegalese twistkinky twistfluffy twistfluffy twistfluffy twistfluffy twistkinky twist with side cornrowsnubinubispring twistnubinubinubinubikinky twistmy fluffy twist againfluffy twistnubinubinubinubisenegalese or rope twistme with my short fluffy twistfluffy twistmy fluffy twistkinky twistkinky twistsenegalese or rope twistnubinubi released twistnubi nubi twistnubi nubisenegalese twistsenegalese twistkinky twistkinky twistsenegalese twistsenegalese twistnubian silk-longNubian Silksprig twist-she is happywowspring twist, This is really good with thin hairmy new found love--spring twistspring twist-side viewBack view--spring twistspring twistA satisfied client,she loves her spring twistA satisfied client,one of my favourite in the World.She wanted it long this time,and it turned out beautiful.Nubian silk-longAfter -kinky twistBeforecork screw twistnubinubinubinubikinky twistskinky twistssenegalese twistssenegaleses twistssenegalese twistnubian silk twistnubian silk twisttwists with curlsnubian silknubian silk twistnubinubinubian twistkinky twistNubian silk twistkinky twist with lots of curlskinky twistmillion twist